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A beautiful town filled with rich Satsuma samurai history.
Enjoy a moment of tranquillity and contentment during your stay here.

Izumifumoto, where the history of
the Satsuma Samurai remains.

RITA Izumifumoto — Miyaji Family Manor is a samurai-style-household hotel based on the traditions of samurai-residential architecture of the Satsuma Domain. The residence, which was completed in the Meiji Period, is divided into three main elements: the main residential building, a storehouse, and the farming fields, all of which have been preserved. Visitors can learn about the lifestyle of Satsuma samurai — a half-warrior, half-farmer who trained in the martial arts and combat while also working in agriculture.
Inside the property, traditional crafts that were once the domestic work of Satsuma warriors are on display as decorations and amenities. Please enjoy a moment of experiencing the history and traditions passed down at Izumifumoto, in Kagoshima Prefecture.




The first thing you would notice when opening the door to the suite is its traditional-style doma earth floor, which contains the remnants of a well for farm work and cooking, the kamado stove, and the irori sunken hearth. Minori makes it easy to envision life in a traditional Japanese house, so that you can enjoy a relaxing time as if you were living here. The suite has a Goemon-style bathtub.


The suite features gorgeous and relaxing bengara reddish-brown walls. It was a special color used back in the days of warrior culture by the household head to host high-ranking samurai. The stone wall seen from the large glass window at the balcony also evokes the atmosphere of bygone days. The suite's bath is made from Japanese cypress which fills the space with a refreshing woody fragrance.


The maisonette-style suite features a balcony that looks out onto a dry landscape garden. It was formerly a parlor used by the household head for receiving and entertaining guests. The bedroom is like a hideaway surrounded by trees. The suite's bath is made from Japanese cypress which fills the space with a refreshing woody fragrance.



We serve a colorful breakfast featuring an abundance of local produce. This special one-plate meal is filled with the specialties of our young chef. Please enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime menu that changes with the seasons.

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RITA Sorakyu

RITA Sorakyu is a special gift item provided to help RITA Izumifumoto guests enjoy their stay in Izumi City.
A sorakyu is a type of shochu liquor cup used since ancient times in the region at gatherings, with roots in Satsuma's rich shochu culture.The bottom is conical in shape, meaning it cannot be put down on the table. It is passed to the drinker with a Japanese sora!, who must drink it quickly (kyu in Japanese) without setting it down—this is the origin of the sorakyu naming.
During their stay, lodging guests who show their RITA Sorakyu at any participating shop in the Izumi Honmachi-dori Shopping Arcade will be treated to a discount, free gift item, or other such special offer. Guests can also take their RITA Sorakyu home as a souvenir to remember their trip to Izumi.

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