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During the Edo Period, the Satsuma Domain built “outer castles,” or tojo, in various locations around the main fortress of Kagoshima Castle to defend themselves against outside invaders. Each tojo was stationed with samurai.

The tojo system was unique to Satsuma. Today, many fumoto, which were the samurai residential districts that developed around the tojo, can still be seen throughout Kagoshima Prefecture.

Izumifumoto, situated near the border with the former Higo Domain, occupied an important strategic position for Satsuma Domain’s defenses.

The historic Izumifumoto area has the largest group of samurai residences to this day, and is selected as one of the Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings in Japan. It retains the history behind its former Satsuma samurai occupants, and the beautiful townscape back then.



18-35 Fumotocho, Izumi,
Kagoshima Prefecture,
Japan 899-0204


1. 35 minutes by car from the Minamata IC on the Kyushu Expressway

2. 90 minutes by car from Kagoshima City

3. 80 minutes. by shuttle bus (Nangoku Kotsu) from Kagoshima Airport

4. 5 minutes by car from Izumi Station (Shinkansen station)



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    IZURU Inc.

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    18-35 Fumotocho, Izumi City, Kagoshima

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    Toshihiko Odagiri

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