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RITA Sorakyu

RITA Sorakyu

Local Experience Sorakyu

RITA Sorakyu is a special gift item provided to help RITA Izumifumoto guests enjoy their stay in Izumi City.
A sorakyu is a type of shochu liquor cup used since ancient times in the region at gatherings, with roots in Satsuma's rich shochu culture.
The bottom is conical in shape, meaning it cannot be put down on the table. It is passed to the drinker with a Japanese saying, “sora!” The person must then drink it quickly (“kyu” in Japanese) without setting it down—this is the origin of the sorakyu naming.
During their stay, lodging guests who show their RITA Sorakyu at any participating shop in the Izumi Honmachi-dori Shopping Arcade will be treated to a discount, free gift item, or other such special offer.
Guests can also take their RITA Sorakyu home as a souvenir to remember their trip to Izumi.

Available Stores

Where you can use RITA Sorakyu

  • Sumito Cafe (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
    One free drink

  • Chanoka (Sundays and sometimes Saturdays)
    One free drink

  • Tsubame Bunko (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
    One free drink

  • Fujimoto Brewery
    300 yen off your bill

  • Tsukiji Kamaboko Shop
    Free assorted Satsuma-age (fried fish cake)

  • Pomponsen
    Free pre-split shochu or ice cream

  • Cafe Dom
    Voucher of 300 yen worth

  • Cafe & bar Pace
    A free slice of chiffon cake

  • Izumi Shizenyakubou
    A free set of fragrant mugwort bath salts

  • Cachette Yoshioke
    One dried flower in a jar for free